Welcome to Bay Midwifery Centre


The Bay Midwifery Centre was established in 1995 and is committed to providing quality care and resources to women and families in the Tauranga Community.  


We are a collective of 12 independent Midwives who work in the community as self employed Lead Maternity Carers and are all experienced and committed to providing you excellent care and support.  Bay Midwifery Centre is also a resource centre for any member of the public to obtain information on pregnancy, birth, and early infancy. 


Our Midwives listen to women, and always provide the information you need to make informed and educated decisions about your healthcare. Like any provider, not all midwives are the same, and we will support you to choose a Midwife that is right for you.   We believe that sound decisions are integral to good healthcare, and we want you to take an active role in making the right choices for you and your family. That’s why our philosophy with midwifery care “focuses on the needs of the individual and family for physical care, emotional and social support and active involvement of significant others according to cultural values and personal preferences.”


Our Midwives can support you to give birth in a variety of settings including Bethlehem Birthing Centre, Hospital and home.  Your Midwife will assess your health needs and provide information to ensure you can make a safe and informed decision about where to have your baby when you select your birth plan.



If you are in need of a Midwife or would like information in relation to Pregancy, Birth and Infancy then please contact us on

(07) 578 7150 or drop into the Centre.