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Robyn Phillips


Hello! Congratulations on your pregnancy!


My practice is research based – using NZCOM guidelines for practice, current evidence based documentation, along with referral to the UK NICE guidelines for practice.  I work with other experienced midwives, and specialists as necessary, to make sure you are safe, baby is well and dads are happy too. You can choose to have your baby at home or in the hospital, whatever you decide.


Regardless of who you choose to make this journey, you need to feel supported, informed and understood. Most pregnancies and births are usually straightforward – should complications occur then it’s my job to refer you through to the right people for the right reason – it’s also nice to know someone is supporting you along the way.


My aims as a midwife include:


  • Making it a special and enjoyable time in your life, including partners and extended family members

  • Listening to your needs

  • Reducing your stress and helping you to solve your concerns

  • Working together to provide a completely safe environment for both you and your baby

  • Giving you the best possible care according to your needs

  • Navigating you safely through your pregnancy, birth and postnatal period using my 14 years of knowledge

  • Having a laugh and a giggle on the way!


My midwifery partner is Daryl Carrington – check her page out too!


Good luck on your journey, see you soon....