Our Midwives

Finding a Midwife is an important part of your journey.  A Midwife should be someone who you feel comfortable .  Read the profiles of our Midwives and if you need help to choose a Midwife feel free to call the clinic and we will support you to find someone who we think you may like.  We can also set up an intial meeting so that you can have a chat and make sure its the right fit.

Tracey Turner Crossan

Congratulations on starting or expanding your family! My name is Tracey and I have been a Lead Maternity Carer (midwife) in Tauranga for over 5 years, and was born and raised in this beautiful city.....


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Marie Woolsey

I am an LMC midwife working in Tauranga. I completed my training at Massey @Wellington in 2000 & since then have worked in a variety of settings including Primary, Secondary & Tertiary levels. Prior to this I was a Childbirth Educator for 12 years mainly working for Parents centre in the Kapiti/Wellington area...


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Jeanette Howard

My name is Jeanette Howard, I’m an independent midwife (lead maternity carer) working in Tauranga and the surrounding areas. I have been in Midwifery since 1987. I completed my degree in Human Biology and Health Sciences and a Teaching Certificate in the UK. I worked as a midwife in the UK for 15 years before coming to NZ in 2002...


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Shaye Laird
Kia ora and congratulations on your pregnancy. My name is Shaye Laird. I am a registered midwife practicing in the beautiful Bay of Plenty. As a midwife I specialise in providing care for normal pregnancy, labour, birth. I also provide care for you and your new baby up to 5 weeks after your baby is ....

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Lyn Allport

My name is Lyn Allport.  I’m an independent midwife (LMC) working in Tauranga and surrounding areas. I qualified as a midwife in 1997 at the University of Wolverhampton in the United Kingdom, following a career in nursing. I worked full time as a midwife in England for nearly 7 years before moving to Tauranga with my family in July 2005...


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Cara Kellett

I am a confident Midwife who can work in the home, hospital, or Bethelehem Birthing Centre.  You will be supported to feel confident through your pregnancy, which will help you to create a strong mind appraoching your labour.  It is my job to ensure the health of you and your baby, valuing the  physical, nutritional, spiritual, cultural and lifestyle factors that impact  on your pregnancy...

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Robyn Phillips

My practice is research based – using NZCOM guidelines for practice, current evidence based documentation, along with referral to the UK NICE guidelines for practice.  I work with other experienced midwives, and specialists as necessary, to make sure you are safe, baby is well and dads are happy too.


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rachael (2) (4).jpg
Rachael Gibbs

Hi Congratulations on your pregnancy. Whether it is your first or subsequent child I would love to join you in your journey to becoming a mother. I believe that pregnancy and birth are a natural life event and a very special time in a woman's life. I work with another experienced midwife, whom you will get to meet as your pregnancy progresses. We aim to have every alternate weekend of so we can spend some quality time with our family. I look forward to working with in partnership with you. As your baby grows, so will our relationship. Talk to you soon :-)


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