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Lynn Allport


My name is Lyn Allport. I’m an independent midwife (LMC) working in Tauranga and surrounding areas. I qualified as a midwife in 1997 at the University of Wolverhampton in the United Kingdom, following a career in nursing. I worked full time as a midwife in England for nearly 7 years before moving to Tauranga with my family in July 2005.


I worked briefly at Waikato Women’s Hospital and Tauranga Maternity Unit before becoming an LMC early 2006.


My midwifery philosophy is grounded in the belief that pregnancy and childbirth is a natural process that proceeds without complication most of the time. However, I acknowledge that like all natural processes, things can and do go wrong from time to time. I therefore see my role as guardian of normal childbirth and vigilant observer for variations and abnormalities.


Throughout this process, I also believe it is also important to recognise a woman’s childbearing experience is not only influenced by her physical needs and experience, but her psychological, social, cultural and spiritual dimensions as well. So while mothers will have common requirements, they will also have a range of individual needs as well.


To enable me to meet all my client’s needs, I work across the full scope of midwifery practice. With mothers who have low risk or complicated pregnancies. With mothers who wish to birth at home or in hospital. With those who want the option to birth in water, or support to achieve an unmedicated birth. To those who want the choice of epidural for pain relief if they need one. I am a strong advocate of informed choice in all aspects of maternity care.


I am also a strong advocate of breast feeding and committed to supporting mothers develop self confidence in their mothering skills.


I work collaboratively with other professionals to ensure the best outcome for mother & baby, and their family/whanau.